Friday, April 24, 2009


Up until the past few months, my daily hair routine was a simple "wash & go." I get into the shower, wet and detangle my hair, then apply whatever product I feel like using that day. These days it's usually a base of Karen's Hair Milk, then a top coat of 1 of my Darcy's cremes (which I LOVE!). Then, maybe some Aubrey's B5 if I think I need a little extra hold. And that is my "wash & go," ... please note this does not consist of any washing/shampooing (I don't shampoo my hair too often; see my previous blog on co-washing). In general, I think everyone's W&G definition is different....

But anyway, the moral to this story is that I just recently started to try more Protective Styles on my hair. For a simple definition, Protective Styles are any type of hair style that protects your hair from being exposed to the air and snagging/rubbing on your clothes. As I was looking at other women's blogs and seeing how beautiful and healthy their hair was, it was evident that ALL of them wore their hair in Protective Styles most of the time.

Examples of Protective Styles:
1. Twists
2. Braids (I like to do braids, pulled back into a bun)
3. Simple Bun
4. Wearing some type of scarf or hair wrap

Benefits of Protective Styles:
1. Helps your hair to accumulate length.
2. Locks moisture into your hair (Especially when I use natural oils when doing my style! I like using Organic Coconut Oil).
3. Keeps it from drying out - gotta keep those oils in for them to work!
4. Prevents splits ends.
5. Needs less combing and brushing (which can lead to split ends).
6. You can keep a style in for days, and it's ok!!!

Overall for me, I would like my hair to grow because I feel like it's been at the same length for years! Additionally, playing rugby can take a toll on my hair, and using protective styles will definitely help :)

Here's me in my Braid Bun ... I love it :)