Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Protective Styles and Up-dos!

Long Story Short (LSS), I am SICK AND TIRED of wearing a bunny bun every single day. So, I've been researching lots of really cute, everyday or go-out, up-dos, and what I am finding is AMAZING. *Side #1 - See my past blog on Protective Styles to figure out why I'm wearing my hair in this said bun.

I have already tried a little something something the other day and am planning on doing a few more to add to a cute little up-do blog.

Stay Tuned!

*Side #2 - My Right Now Resolution is to stay on top of this blizzog ;)

*Side #3 - Here's a recent pic of me and JaNelle. JaNelle with her wave-iron style, and me with my regular wash-and-go.

Happy Styling!