Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back from Hair Hiatus!!!

And Now I'm Back! (From Outerspace...)

I've been gone for waaaaay too long, and its time to update what's been going on with my hair lately. I think I'll go back to the blog I wrote about "Zhara's Hair Inspirations" where I outlined 6 things I wanted to start doing with my hair. Let's see if I've actually done any of them ...

1. I have realized that I NEED MORE OILS in my hair.
UPDATE: Well, back when I wrote this, it was the beginning of March and still pretty chilly outside. Because of that, I needed to put a lot of oils in my hair. BUT - now that it's June and humid, I don't need as many oils. In fact, if I accidentally go crazy with some of my oil-based products, my hair usually comes out VERY greasy and not cute. Conclusion - I was definitely successful in using more oils. I've used organic coconut oil, Karen's Jojoba oil, & an assortment of Anita Grant's oils and I love them all. I just don't need to use them as often in the summa-time.

2. I will do an all over oil treatment to my hair at least once a week.
UPDATE: Again - Back in March I was really good at keeping this up. But as the weather got warmer it wasn't needed. Maybe once every 2-3 weeks these days. Moisture is still important!!

3. I will wear twists or braids, perhaps put up into a bun, at least once a week.
UPDATE: Sooooooo.... I started off REALLY good at keeping this up. It was perfect because I had rugby games every weekend, which gave me more motivation to do braids or twists or whatev. But sadly, since rugby had ended, I have been very delinquent on my protective styles. I need to read my own blog about this to remind myself of the benefits and get back to it!!!

4. Use Aubrey's B5 Gel.
UPDATE: Got it and Love it Love it Love it!! For anyone willing to try it - it's called a "gel" but its not really a gel. This stuff holds my curl beautifully without the scrunchy hard feeling of a traditional gel. A little dab'll do ya, because I've had the same bottle for MONTHS now and I use it almost everyday as a top coat after applying my other products. Especially on hot, humid days. Loveit!

5. Try Different Styles.
UPDATE: Hmmmmmm..... I want to say that I have TRIED a few different styles occasionally (side parts, hair pinned differently), but I seem to always come back to my part down the middle. I just think it looks best that way. I also like to pin up a little piece to the side after my middle-parted hair is dry, like at the end of the day or something. But that's it. I still need to be more creative. Someone help me!

6. Hair Does NOT Have To Be Perfect All The Time!
UPDATE: Negative Ghostwriter. I still have an obsession with perfection. Yet, I still have people telling me I need to let it go and be wild and big and decent.... just hasn't happened yet. I think the problem is I use so many products in my hair that weigh them down to perfection. If I try not to use products, I gain volume, but I also think it looks frizzy. I need to do more research in this department.

So, looks like I'm about 3 or 4 out of 6 for the above goals. Not too shabby. Overall, I would say that I am SO happy with my hair right now. After a good trim about 2 months ago, my ends are healthy, my curls are gorge (gorgeous), and my hair is soft to the touch (not greasy), yet it still looks shiny. I can definitely say that my hair is at least 10 times more healthy than it was a year ago, before I went truly natural (products, etc...).

All in all, I am happy and still have more things to achieve... details to come :)

On top of updating this Blog, I need some good pics of my hair. Nonetheless, here's a pic of me impersonating a nerd. I think my hair looks pretty good in it :)

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