Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zhara Hair Inspirations!!

So, in our last Blog JaNelle posted a link to a woman named Zhara who blogs on Fotki, and I am in LOVE with her hair!!! After spending a while on her blog, I picked up a good number of tips that I would like to start implementing IMMEDIATELY!!!!

First off, I'm excited because I feel as if she and I have similar hair types, so I'm hoping that with time, I can achieve the full, shiny, healthy, and beautiful look she has.

Here's some of the things I plan on doing:

1. I have realized that I NEED MORE OILS in my hair. Especially during this cold time of the year. I guess I thought I was ok with using "moisturizing" products like my Aubrey's MJ, but after looking at a pic of Zhara's hair, then looking at mine in the mirror, I know that I need to put more oils on my hair. She uses organic coconut oil, which I have, but rarely use. I also have some shea butter oil. I am going to start using both of these more regularly.

2. I will do an all over oil treatment to my hair at least once a week. Like cover my hair in coconut oil, put a shower cap on it, then a hot towel over that (since I have no 'sit-under' dryer), and then leave this on for like an hour.

3. I will wear twists or braids, perhaps put up into a bun, at least once a week. I'll probably do this after my oil treatment since I don't like to wear my hair out when it's too greasy. This will give my hair some time to marinate in the oils and not be exposed to the harsh air.

4. Zhara seems to use Aubrey's B5 gel a lot. JaNelle has this, and I may get it :)

5. Zhara also tries so many different hair techniques, using bobby pins to put her hair up in different styles. I am definitely gonna start doing this, so be on the lookout!!!

6. JaNelle mentioned she thinks I need to try and NOT make my hair so perfect all the time. I need to just let it be WILD and MESSY sometimes, and see how it turns out. I have a tendency to think my hair looks too "woofy" or messy, when in fact in may look cute! A perfect example of this is how my hair looks right now. I put it up in a ponytail for the gym, and did not wear my usual scarf while working out, so in my eyes, it looks like a mess. BUT, I went to the bank after the gym and the sista helping me complimented me on my hair!! See, and I thought it was a mess!

Post - Gym Pony

So, I plan on doing all of the things on the above list. JaNelle wanted me to add that she is planning on shampooing her hair less often, and doing more conditioner washes (co-wash) instead. There are lots of reasons to not shampoo your hair a lot, which is a perfect topic for another blog.


  1. wow yall are not playin! i wish i could contribute, but i have good hair. LOL!!!! luv yall:)

  2. hello! my name is Irena and I live in Sweden
    (Örebro) . I watched Tyra Banks show where she and a few other women discussed the "big issue" about nappy and kinky hair.
    I must say that is seems VERY complicated to have such tightly coiled hair. I don't know how I would manage it. But it's good that you are happy to be nappy! / Irena

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