Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is just a little mini-blog to say I love my hair today!!! Since I can probably now consider myself a PJ, or Product Junkie (JaNelle is worse that me!), I have so many different products that I like to mix and match and use different things to check out the results. Well, today I wet my hair in the shower, detangled, and put on a little bit of Oyin's Shine and Define all over my hair, then a little bit of Aubrey's B5 on the ends and a little in the hair.... and I LOVE the results.

Man, I tell you... I am NEVER going back to regular products again!!


  1. lol @ this thread. I happened to come to your blog from your FOTKI and I saw your anonymous comments. "long, luxourious lox" are going to keep me giggling for a while. Toodles poodle! (cackling)You should really follow though with this blog.

  2. Dear LYSG - A friend of mine thought it would be funny to post the above "anonymous" comment on EVERY single blog written here at nywele. I actually had to go through all the blogs and delete them! But yes, hilarious :)

    Thanks for the comment and also for the encouraging words. I def need to keep this up. You may have inspired me to write a new one :)