Monday, March 9, 2009


In the beginning, we were told that "good" hair meant your hair was LONG and STRAIGHT, and it was the norm to do anything you had to do to make your hair that way. That usually meant Chemicals, Heat, and More Heat. But that was years ago, and now we know better.

This blog will be a way for my best friend JaNelle and I to share our stories of Hair Discovery. You see, we have both decided that our NATURAL hair that was given to us, without chemicals and excessive amounts of heat, are just as "good" and beautiful as anything we thought of before. Our hair was screaming, "No More Heat! No More Perms! No More Dyes!!" ... and we finally decided to listen.

Mostly, we wanna share our new hair findings with each other without having to call and text each other a million times a day - but if anyone else is interested, then you are more than welcome to peek in on our breakthroughs :)

So, Welcome to Nywele.... and for a good laugh, the pic is of JaNelle and I doing that "long and straight" thing I mentioned in like the 7th grade.....enjoy!


  1. i LOVE this photo...where has it been all my life? and why isn't it your facebook profile fifi????????

  2. This pic... I used vaseline i my hair that day. Horrible. Can you imagine?? This was after the layers and stacked up haircuts grew out!!

  3. WOW...vaseline??? Lol...I remember I used to put GALLONS of that Luster's Pink Lotion in my hair...a MESS! I LOVE you guys for creating this blog! There are many sites and blogs out there, but I REALLY like this one. Thanks guys :)