Thursday, March 19, 2009

Co-washing for FINE Hair!!

I have to do another blog just to add on to Rachel's genius co-wash blog for all of you with confused hair like mine. By confused, I mean it will frizz a bit, but can't take the oils that can help tame the frizz. It is fine, but wants to behave like it's thick... Co-washing can definitely get rid of lots of frizz - and this is from someone who used to use a lot of gel. I don't even own gel anymore (except for B5 - which is not really a gel) - I gave all of my gel away...  

This blog is also for the doubters. Now, I have just started doing this, but I can tell you it's wonderful. You can follow a 'low-poo' routine or a 'no-poo' one. I am on a 'low-poo' schedule now. I'm not strict with it, I just judge by how my hair is feeling and looking. 

I am waiting for my Babassu shampoo bars from, which I intend to use at least once a week along with co-washes and rinses throughout the week. I also use Karen's Body Beautiful Conditioning Shampoo. My hair doesn't tolerate most oils well (I'll do a later blog on oils and how I use them), and for my hair to look cute when I wear it down it has to be pretty bare, so co-washing isn't always enough for me, but I will never again use shampoos that aren't all natural or contain harmful chemicals like SLS, cones, etc... 

This is not only for black hair. Lorraine Massey is the author of 'Curly Girl', and she is caucasian. That's right, white women are up on this, too! She has some good recipes in her book to keep the hair naturally cleansed, but I will tell you, co-washes leave your hair smelling wonderful and fresh, if that's your concern.

If I need to clarify my hair or scalp (remove any build-up without stripping the hair of the oils it needs), I will:
a) mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in my Karen's Body Beautiful Conditioning Shampoo
b) mix warm water and baking soda, or 
c) do a strong ACV rinse (apple cider vinegar - all the hair junkies know!!) 

You can also use BC (Bentonite Clay) every so often. This sure gets it clean!! Rachel has pics on her Fotki of doing this... 

Lorraine suggests juice from a lemon added to conditioner for a co-wash to clarify better than any clarification shampoo (and she says this is good for dry or damaged hair). I haven't tried it yet, but I will be doing this soon. She also suggests exfoliating the scalp by mixing brown sugar and conditioner, applying to fingertips, and gently massaging. 

**I have been collecting a ton of SIMPLE (cause I'm lazy) hair recipes and I will post all of the recipes (and how to use them) here soon!! 

The point is, my hair feels great. Sometimes it's a bit too moisturized for my liking, but I'm still figuring out the little kinks. Today it is very moist (not greasy!!), so I will rinse tomorrow and use no product or a teeny bit of B5

Another thing to remember is when you're using all-natural products, there is no real build-up, like the unhealthy type of residue and clogging bacteria that occur when using products with cones, mineral oil, or any list of things you can't say!! Ugh...

Lastly, people attest to co-washing being a major reason their hair is growing in thick and shiny. My hair grows regardless, but I'm sure I'll need fewer trims.


  1. Thanks for the co-wash shout out! :) I meant to tell you that I have the "Curly Girl" book. I bought a couple years ago when I initially started to get sick of the products I was using .... we should have started this blog YEARS ago! :) Love ya!

  2. Would love to see the simple lazy recipes!! I need some of those! =)

  3. Typically when you think of Made from Earth you think of organic and healthy hair products – but I tried the Tea + Protein Shampoo because even though I have a lot of hair, it is fine and I heard it aids in the strength and vitality of the hair follicles. I have to say that I have loved this product! I even got my mom using it, and my best friend.

    I have tried other products of this line as well, and have similarly enjoyed the results!

  4. It's Valerie from wayyyyyyyy back in the day. I saw your feature on BGLH and OMG Irony I just did my big chop to! This summer.
    So happy I did it. I feel so good and true to myself.
    I just wanted to shout out. Though it's been along time since I seen you both, it's neat to see that we are on the same page about promoting a natural lifestyle as well as Black Beauty.

    Much love,


  5. OMG thank you! I'm Jewish, and my hair is not quite like Caucasian hair yet not like AA hair either so I've been struggling with ways to keep my hair tame but full of moisture (not grease). After reading through many blogs and sites (many full of hate speech for Caucasian people) I was thrilled to come across this information. You, ma'am, provided the best most insightful information that I really will be using all with an open mind. I really love that it is all natural- something I am rather new at (but still loving!) Thank you!